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Treedom is a cost-effective service-learning platform that empowers students and personalizes learning through real world experience.
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How it works

The Treedom Software Suite features both a centralized web portal for school administrators to track student engagement, as well as a sleek and fun-to-use mobile application for students.

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Our Philosophy

We’ve reimagined a system of education that is more equitable, student-centered, and competency-based - putting agency in the hands of students.

The Benefits of Service-Learning

Service-based learning facilitates leadership skills, a stronger sense of community, increases self-confidence and promotes a greater sense of well-being.

of student volunteers said that their understanding of people had increased as a result of volunteering.


of college admissions personnel agree that community service experiences have a positive impact on a students acceptance.


of students experienced a wider range of friendships through volunteering.


of recently employed graduates under 30, stated that volunteering helped them to secure employment.

Enriched Learning

For Students
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Discover meaningful service events based on filtered interests.

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Easily verify service activity with features like time stamp, location service, and e-signature.

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Track, record, and share service experiences in an online profile.

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In-app achievements to motivate and gamify.

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Impact Dashboard

For School Admins
Web App Submissions
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Encourage and manage student-centered, competency and project-based learning.

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Promote learning experiences offered by diverse organizations across the public and private sectors.

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Centralize data to track and provide valuable insight to drive more informed decisions.

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Engage in robust methods of verification to ensure accountability.


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