Treedom Originals: Izzy the Cat

This is a personal story of Israelle Mattocks, a 12 year old with Neuroblastoma. Izzy’s favorite food is french fries, her favorite animal is a cat, and she’s the bravest person I know. When life gets tough, it’s important to remember that any act of kindness, no matter how big or how small, can go a long way. Do what you can today to make someone smile.

Starring Izzy Mattocks with Adelaide Kaus Brynn Roberts and Molly Burke-Mattocks

Directed, Photographed and Edited by Oliver Shahery Produced by Michael Kadisha Executive Produced by Treedom Inc. Creative Consulting by Luke Shields Coloring by Ben Federman Presented by

Music Holocene by Bon Iver

Special Thanks to the entire Mattocks family Fishers 2019 Volleyball Team Jessie Duke Gabriella Valls.

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